Jak se připojit k wrapu přes sériový port

Co všechno je potřeba

  • 1 sérový kabel nekřížený
  • HeperTermiál pod Windows spustíme příkazem hypertrm

Nastavení terminálu

  • Bps 38400 (výjmečně 9600)
  • Data bits 8
  • Parity None
  • Stop bits 1
  • Flow control None

Setup options

Configure your terminal emulator for 38400 8N1 (default baud rate), no handshake. To enter setup, type S during the memory test. You should see somethink like the following:
PC Engines WRAP platform
tinyBIOS V1.4a (C)1997-2003 PC Engines
640 KB Base Memory
64512 KB Extended Memory
Phys C/H/S 497/4/32 Log C/H/S 31/32/63
WRAP setup
(9) 9600 baud *3* 38400 baud
(C) CHS mode *L* LBA mode
(X) Xmodem upload (Q) Quit

The active options are marked by *, e.g. *3* means 38400 baud mode is active. Setup options are stored in a 4KB block of flash, not in RTC CMOS. The following options can be set:

  • Baud rate 9600 baud (9) or 38400 baud (3). Default is 38400 baud.
  • CompactFlash translation mode CHS (C) or LBA (L). Default is CHS.
  • XMODEM upload of new firmware (X). Start transmission when prompted. 128 byte and 1024 byte packet sizes can be accepted, CRC mode only. Checksum mode is not supported as it is considered too risky for firmware upgrade.
    The actual flash update algorithm is included in the uploaded file. Flash programming takes about two seconds. If power fails during this time, the BIOS chip will need to be reprogrammed through other means.
  • Quit (Q) – setup will ask whether it should write the new settings to flash (Y) or not (N).

-- TomT - 29 Mar 2006

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